PepGen has launched

March 27, 2018

On 26th March 2018 PepGen, a biotech company focused on the peptide-mediated delivery of nucleic acids, was spun out from the University of Oxford (OU) and the Medical Research Council (MRC). The intellectual property underpinning PepGen’s technology platform was developed through a decade-long collaboration between Professor Matthew Wood (OU) and Dr Michael Gait (MRC). The company’s co-founders are Dr Caroline Godfrey and Dr Giles Campion, with Dr Godfrey taking the role of CEO.

PepGen has received an initial £2.5M of seed funding from Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI), and will focus on the pre-clinical validation of the company’s peptide delivery platform before building towards the commercialisation of this technology across a broad range of indications. These activities will be guided and supported by PepGen’s founding Board of Directors, Dr Wood, Dr Godfrey and Dr Andrew Mclean (OSI).

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